We are all too familiar with that common term “your body is a temple”, that’s right it should be treated with the up most respect and care.  Yes it is the physical vehicle that contains the many intricate and complex systems, bodily functions, checks and balances and the critical functions that keep you breathing to sustain and evolve your life on this planet.

Many of us do not pay attention to the intricate works, processes and functions of our body until we are suddenly faced with an ache, ailment or medical condition that peaks our curiosity and forces us to learn more about what is really going on inside.

Listening to the Body

It is no secret that society and humanity as a whole is becoming more consciously aware about the physical body due to raising of health and wellness awareness that goes beyond the external shell of our physical appearance, but also the inner beauty, the depth of one’s well being (emotional and mental body) and much more.

People are becoming more aware of their physical body’s processes, systems, cycles, rhythms, feelings, tell tell signs, cries for help, pain indicators and signs of dis-ease and dysfunction.

You are what you eat.
Your body is made up of 75% water.
What you eat does determine your mood and energy level.

Mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical stress manifests as DIS-EASE in the body through a pain, ache or dysfunction of an organ, body part, bio-system, disrupted cycle or imbalance.

It’s important to pause, take a breath and check in with yourself on what you are feeling, your body’s sensations and tune into the signs of distress and happiness.

The Human Body – Anatomy of Major Organs and Systems

The anatomy of the upper body, it’s major organs and their functions allows us to look inside our bodies to begin appreciating the intricate and complex systems that work to sustain our life in the physical body.

Endocrine Functions of the Body

This is something that should be taught at school, either in Biology or as Health & Wellness studies.  It is important for humans to be proactive about their health and be informed about their body’s functions, systems, cycles and balance in sufficient detail so that they can understand the cause and effects of food, stress, environment and external factors that can either be good or bad for the body.

The endocrine functions are critical to sustain all of these intricate systems.

7 Endocrine Glands and 7 Chakras

These 7 endocrine systems form the 7 energy centres that map to the 7 chakras that are within the human body.


The Auric or Subtle Bodies

As well as the Human Body, there are the auric bodies that every living human being has which contains your DNA blueprint, energetic imprints, spirit, soul linking and much more.

Ask Pink Tiger Lily about how you can begin to tune into your body’s signs and inner cries for help so that you can attain optimal health enabling you to live an active and fulfilled lifestyle that embraces life, is full of uplifting energy.  It’s time for change!